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Splice Cassette



Our new splice housing are standard footprint compatible, offering up to 24-fiber interconnections in a single- slot. The splice housing are available in 12 and 24-fiber counts. iFiber Optix’s large inventory carries both SC for 12-fiber and LC for a maximum port of 24-fibers. These splice housing encase three items—an adapter plate, the pigtail, and a splice tray. This product’s arrangement benefits installers, as it saves time and boosts efficacy in splicing and patching. These splice housing are convenient and workable for connecting with enclosures and rapid field splicing.


Features and Benefits
- Rapid, effortless, and reliable device
- Affordable cost
- Effective and time-saving cable splicing
- Quick and ease of access for re-routing or adding of fibers, or adjusting of any kind
- Management of all splices within a single housing
- 900 µm jacket at the connector panel
- Includes a fiber protector at the connector
- Radius-secured storage for up to 2 meters of 900 µm jacketed fibers
- Durable aluminum detachable face plate Integrated fiber handling shields the fibers from micro-bend and macro-bend damages



 Ordering Information


Part Number 

SC-UPC, MM 62.5 um, 12-Port Splice Housing


SC-UPC, SM, 12-Port Splice Housing


SC-APC, SM, 12-Port Splice Housing


SC-UPC, MM, 10 G, OM4, 12-Port Splice Housing (OM3 COMPATIBLE)


LC-UPC, SM, 12-Port Splice Housing


LC-APC, SM, 12-Port Splice Housing


LC-UPC, SM, 24-Port Splice Housing


LC-APC, SM, 24-Port Splice Housing


LC-UPC, MM 62.5 um, 12-Port Splice Housing


LC-UPC, MM, 62.5 um, 24-Port Splice Housing


LC-UPC, MM, 10 G, OM4 24-Port Splice Housing



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