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•  Complied with standards of IEC51754-4, KS C6974(F04), JIS C5973(F04).
•  Complied with standards of telcordia GR-326-core.
•  Directly to connect with the terminal.
•  Protect the splicing point inside of the connector body, no additional splicing.
•  Enhanced high quality with improved optical features.(Splice Loss & Return Loss)
•  Easily to assemble with One-Touch System.


 Type               Item          Single Mode (SM)                                  Multi Mode (MM)
      G652D G657A2 MM 50/125 MM 50/125-OM3 MM 50/125-OM4 MM 62.5/125
General Insertion Loss    UPC                                                                          ≤ 0.2dB
   APC                                                             ≤ 0.2dB     
Insertion Loss    UPC         ≤ 50dB     
   APC          ≤ 60dB      
Repeating Operating Test                                                    500 Cycle, ≤ 0.2dB
 Tempature Range                                                           -45°C ~ 85°C
SC, FC  Fiber                                  0.9mm fiber, 3.0mm code, 3X2 Indoor Cable 
 Tensile Strength                      ≥30N(≥3.0kgf) for 3.0mm code or 0.9mm fiber / ≥80N(8.0kgf) for 3X2 Indoor Cable
LC, ST  Fiber                                                 0.9mm fiber, 3.0mm code
 Tensile Strength                                                      ≥40N (4.1kgf)

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