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Compliant with ANSI, IEC, TIA/EIA, RoHS

FC Series Connectors
 The FC connector is a fiber optic

connector with a threaded body that was designed for use in high-vibration environments. The FC series connector is available in the Physical Contact (PC) pre-dome ferrule end-face as well as the Angled Physical Contact (APC) ferrule end-face with 8° angle for applications where reduced back reflection is desired.


Specifications Singlemode Multimode
Insertion loss ≤ 0.15dB typical ≤ 0.20dB typical
Return loss

 ≥ 55dB PC

≥ 65dB APC

Durability < 0.1 dB < 0.1 dB
Operating Temperature -40° C to 75° C -40° C to 75° C


Features Applications

* Compliant with ANSI, IEC, TIA/EIA, RoHS

* Low insertion loss & back reflection

* Free floating precision zirconia ferrule

* Excellent durability and reliability

* One piece construction and pull proofdesign.

* Telcordia style boots

* Telecom Networks

* Cable TV Networks

* Wide Area Networks

* Local Area Networks

* Premise Installations

* Industrial / military

FC Series Connectors iFiber Opitx2
     Ferrule ID Boot Type Boot Color
 iFO  FC PC   126 A1 = 900μm buffer 1 = Blue
     APC  126 A2 = 2mm standard 2 = Beige
      127 A3 = 3mm Telcordia 3 = Green
       Custom Sizes A4 = 3mm short 4 = Red
Part number example: iFOFCPC127A32
*Custom Ferrule ID sizes available


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