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Drop Cable / Node Service

IFO Node Service Cable Assemblies

IFO’s Node Service Cable Assemblies:

 The FC connector is a fiber optic

IFO’s Node Service cable assemblies are factory tested to meet stringent installation performance demands. These assemblies make splicing from an optical node to a closure fast, easy, and reliable. This connection is critical to the installation and requires an environmental seal between the cable and the node housing. IFO’s assembly comes with this node fitting pre-installed on the cable, featuring an anti-twist design enabling easy mounting without twisting the cable. The mounting thread is an industry standard size of 5/8-24 UNEF... IFO assemblies feature loose-tube outdoor cable with a water-blocked cable design. An assortment of industry standard connector styles are available such as SC/APC, SC/UPC. FC/APC, FC/UPC, AND LC/UPC. Standard or custom breakout lengths are available with fiber counts of 1 thru 12 terminations, with all fibers color coded for quick/easy fiber identification.


check Field proven, durable connecting hardware
check High quality optical terminations meet all geometric and optical performance
check Ordering flexibility; available in standard and custom lengths and connector counts
check Mini-central core type cable
check Installed hard-line entry connector
check Gel-filled cable
check Individualized serial numbers
check Two to twelve fiber counts available
check Polyethylene OSP loose tube single-mode cable
check Polyurethane jacket reinforced with aramid yard for exceptional durability
check Easy installation
check Design eliminates movement of cable components
check 900μm or 2.4mm upjacketed color-coded legs, 2.0mm LC
check Breakout length 1 meter
check Available in single-mode pigtails
check Pulling strength in excess of 150lbs.
check Anti-twist crimp
check Flexile bend radius of 19cm for installation and 10cm for operation
check Variety of single-mode connector styles (not available in multimode)
check Cable cut and terminated to custom lengths
check Connector ends clearly labeled for quick identification
check Available in fiber counts from 2-12 fibers
check Ultra Polish available for all connector types
check Angle Polish available on FC and SC connectors

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